trx2html 0.7.3 supports VS 2012

This is a really minor version just to cover some minor differences in the trx generated with VS2012. The first thing to mention is that VS2012 does not generate trx from the IDE, so if you still want to have those files you need to run your tests from the command line using MSTest.exe or…


Por que me gusta escribir código fuera del trabajo

Desde que empecé en esto de la programación, siempre me ha gustado escribir código fuera de un proyecto real. Y cuando digo escribir código no me refiero sólo a pequeños ejemplos, sino a algun programa, por pequeño que parezca, pero que perdure en el tiempo. Creo que lo hago por los siguientes motivos   Es…


trx2html 0.7 (Beta)

Acabo de publicar una nueva versión de trx2html. Hay pocas novedades funcionales en esta versión (ver más abajo). Pero lo realmente nuevo es que he cambiado drásticamente el diseño de la herramienta. Las versiones anteriores se basaban en una combinación de C#, XSLT y Javascript para producir los resultados. Lo cual implicaba poder ejecutar…


trx2html 0.6

Because VS 2010 is RTM, I have decided to update the trx2html tool, not only to support the latest TRX format, but also to work with the three versions we have of this files (2005, 2008 and 2010) from a single binary. Although the source code (solution and project files) are created with VS2010 the…


trx2html supports VS 2008

See update  I have released a new version (still in beta) that support Visual Studio 2008 Test Results File Format. It has been really easy, the underlying schema was pretty similar, so I could reuse the whole UI without modification, just 2 hours of XSLT refactorings 😉 Note that this release only supports…


trx2html @ CodePlex

I have moved the  trx2html  project to CodePlex I’m looking for members and collaborators !!


TestResults Reports in TFS Builds

If you use TFSBuilds with VS UnitTests, you know how to inspect the TestResults: you must download the whole directory to your local machine, and sometimes this folder could be pretty huge. So, if you want to check the error details of your tests, you can use my tool trx2html to convert the *.trx files to…



Updated !!  now this tool has it’s own homepage at codeplex  —————————————————————–   As I said in my previous post, I’m working on a tool to convert trx files (TestRun Results from VSTS) into HTML reports. one image is better than thousand words I’m looking for BetaTesters, so if you have some TRX files, could…