I’m back

After 1 month without posts (we were shipping our last project) I’m back, with a lot of ideas to develop, and write about, so stay tuned to “Just Coding” and I will share with you my experiences developing software from MSSpain  


Wow !! XmlSerializer in ClientSide JavaScript

It’s too late to ingestigate this http://dotnetjunkies.com/WebLog/anoras/archive/2004/08/13/21962.aspx however I will keep it in my TODO list.


Custom Configuration

A Configuration mechanism to allow the unit testing of different config values.


Procesar XMLs Grandes

Estudiar la mejor forma de procesar documentos XML muy grandes en el lado del servidor. (Stream Based)


Mock Objects

Mirar la implementación de Mock.NET y el uso de NMock desde CruiseControl.NET


Crear Tareas de Versionado para MSBuild

Tengo que pasar mis tareas de versionado de NAnt para que se integren con MSBuild, y de paso aprendemos a crear nuevas tareas MS Style !!