donBox on DCOM

  Yesterday I saw Dbox talking about service orientation, he was comparing different transport mechanisms as:   HTTP / HTTPS (ASMX approach) DCOM (Com +) MSMQ (NT Service)   Note Remoting is not in the list, this is because Don didn’t like Remoting for different reasons, Performance, Security and Versioning.   Some years ago, maybe…


TechEd Preconference

The TechEd starts tomorrow, however I got a chace to assist to the “PreConferece” sessions, and I have choosen “Guidance about Patterns and Practices”, we got late so we started with F. Guerrero talking about DataAccessApplicationBlock.  Nothing new under the sun, but it’s interesting to hear this guy talking about the design of this Block,…


TechEd 2004 Europe

Which are the most exciting topics we will learn in TechEd04?   I expect to assist sessions covering   Yukon VS Whidbey VS Team System Unit Tests from VS Biztalk Server 2004   Also I would like to hear some Longhorn info from WinFS to Avalon   C U There