Continuous Integration with TFS

Today I’ve been talking about CI with TFS in Madrid, Spain. The event has been organized by the local DPE division at Microsoft Spain. The Spanish Title was: “Integración Continua con Team Foundation Server” Hope everybody enjoyed the show !! here are the slides: The demo, was based on my last workshop about TestingWithVS,…


Testing with VS2005 Demo

Today’s workshop was based on a demo to show all the vs features about testing, it covers: Unit Tests (With MockObjects) Integration Tests (Using ASP.Net Host) Functional Tests (With Web Tests) Load Tests (With testcontrollers and test agents)  I’ve packed all the code in a zip that you can download here:


My Workshop about testing

Tomorrow I will be talking about Testing with VS2005, here is my presentation: If you are interested in the code samples, please let me know and I will send you the latest version     Testing, Testing, Testing.pptx