trx2html 0.7.3 supports VS 2012

This is a really minor version just to cover some minor differences in the trx generated with VS2012. The first thing to mention is that VS2012 does not generate trx from the IDE, so if you still want to have those files you need to run your tests from the command line using MSTest.exe or…


Nuevo artículo sobre gestión de la configuración en Windows Azure

Hacia tiempo que no escribia nada, y nunca a medias con nadie. Esta vez estoy colaborado con Raúl para crear una herramienta que facilite la gestión de la configuración de aplicaciones .NET en Windows Azure. De momento, y según seguimos avanzando, hemos asentado los conceptos y realizado una primera implementación, como resultado ha salido este artículo:…


trx2html 0.7 (Beta)

Acabo de publicar una nueva versión de trx2html. Hay pocas novedades funcionales en esta versión (ver más abajo). Pero lo realmente nuevo es que he cambiado drásticamente el diseño de la herramienta. Las versiones anteriores se basaban en una combinación de C#, XSLT y Javascript para producir los resultados. Lo cual implicaba poder ejecutar…


Enterprise Library Configuration Best Practices

  There is no doubt, we (as Microsoft Consutants) must use entlib for instrumentation purposes, like logging and exception handling. I must to admit that there are some design decisions I don’t like too much, like the high number of assemblies or the verbose configuration mechanism, but this is another story. So if have decided…


How to connect to TFS through authenticated Web Proxy

Today I was in a customer where the internet access is provided by a WebProxy that requires credentials. For some reason, although VS can navigate, the Team Explorer was not able to connect to our TFS server, because a 407 error (Proxy authentication required) To fix this issue you need a custom proxy module that…


Great ALM Icons

TMap for Visual Studio 2010 [ ] is a testing focused process guidance, looks great !! ..and it has a nice icon set to illustrate the software lifecycle like the development and test ones



I’ve been interesting in unit testing for some years now. One major aspect of unit testing is about how use designs that allows a separation of concerns so you can test your program as units (usually at class level), for this the interface basic programming is a MUST. Once you start with interfaces, you will…


A Beta Week (VS2010)

This week I’ve spent some time to update my new laptop (a LenovoT61p) and to install some fresh bits. Right now I’m running: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Office 2010 Beta Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 Also I have one VPC running Windows Server 2008 x86 SQL Server 2008 WSS 3.0 TFS 2010 Beta 2 And the…



Since gotdotnet is phased out, I’m moving all my samples to codeplex (, including the famous FileRollerTraceListener


trx2html @ CodePlex

I have moved the  trx2html  project to CodePlex I’m looking for members and collaborators !!