Tracing WCF Messages

Every time I tried WCF tracing and svctraceviewer I got stucked with the vast amount of information it generates. If you just need to inspect your messages, here is the simplest configuration I’ve found:   <configuration>   <system.diagnostics>     <sources>       <source name="System.ServiceModel.MessageLogging">         <listeners>           <add   name="xml"                  type="System.Diagnostics.XmlWriterTraceListener"                  initializeData="Traces.svclog"/>         </listeners>      …


Great ALM Icons

TMap for Visual Studio 2010 [ ] is a testing focused process guidance, looks great !! ..and it has a nice icon set to illustrate the software lifecycle like the development and test ones



I’ve been interesting in unit testing for some years now. One major aspect of unit testing is about how use designs that allows a separation of concerns so you can test your program as units (usually at class level), for this the interface basic programming is a MUST. Once you start with interfaces, you will…



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A Beta Week (VS2010)

This week I’ve spent some time to update my new laptop (a LenovoT61p) and to install some fresh bits. Right now I’m running: Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Office 2010 Beta Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 Also I have one VPC running Windows Server 2008 x86 SQL Server 2008 WSS 3.0 TFS 2010 Beta 2 And the…


Debugging VB6 code with Visual Studio 2008

I was reviewing an old DNA app (more on this in a different post) and I got really surprised when I saw that  we can debug VB6 code with VS2008 !!!


Is UX the new Agile?

In the last days I’ve seen how the UserXperience movement is getting attention in the community and everyone is doing some kind of “back to the basics” strategy. They recommend early prototype based on sketchs (look at the new Blend+FlowSketch stuff), and it sounds like the old agile pratice… that’s the internet buzz


Classic Event Viewer

While we migrate all our servers to Windows Server 2008,  quite often we need to manage remote event logs from Windows 6.+ machines. However, the new Log Event Viewer introduced in Windows Vista can not read “old” event logs from XP and 2003 machines. I thought the only way to solve this issue was installing…


New Objectives for FY10

The vacation period has ended, my collaboration in the Terra project has finished and now I’m waiting for new consulting assignments. Anyway I’m going to try to set my technical objectives for this brand new fiscal year. 1) Keep this blog updated (at least once a week with short posts and once a month with…


The Terra Project

El principal motivo por el que este blog ha estado tan calladito en los últimos meses, es el proyecto en el que he estado inmerso desde Octubre de 2007. Esta semana el proyecto ha visto la luz: , ha sido un largo camino, y todavía quedan muchas cosas por hacer, pero ya hemos dado…