Azure aka RedDog is here

Just one hour ago, Ray Ozzie has announced the new Cloud OS from Microsoft: Windows Azure, it’s funny to see the word “windows” since it has no windows at all ;-). A lot of people should be blogging about it right now, so I do not add more comments here.

PDC Starts

Not really the PDC, just the Pre-Conf sessions. I’ve chosen .Net Data Access from A to Z. By now, it’s just a quick recap of Data Access technologies from the last years, how long from last time I hear someone talking about RDO or DAO… The session is getting more interesting, now we have started to see the…

Choosing a JavaScript library

Some months ago I started to dig in different JavaScript libraries like prototype, MooTools, Dojo or jQuery, (see for a complete list). As usual, each one has their pro’s and con’s.   Today, Scott Gu  has announced a new Microsoft Visual Studio partnership with jQuery, this are really good news…


How to show CodeRegions expanded by default

If you know me, and my code, you know I dont like regions, but I cant stop people to use them, anyway what I can do is to configure VS to ignore regions and show always the code "expanded" by default:  


SEO keywords and My PageRank

In the last months I’ve seen how SEO has become a day-to-day conversation in web projects. From web-standards like XHTML, to better ways to display and link content (REST style URLs, no querystrings, and so on…) But few people talk about how to organize and measure content quality to improve the Page Rank. So I…


Video Interview

I’ve been interviewed by some folks of DPE, here in Spain. You can watch it here:


trx2html supports VS 2008

See update  I have released a new version (still in beta) that support Visual Studio 2008 Test Results File Format. It has been really easy, the underlying schema was pretty similar, so I could reuse the whole UI without modification, just 2 hours of XSLT refactorings 😉 Note that this release only supports…