Continuous Integration with TFS

Today I've been talking about CI with TFS in Madrid, Spain. The event has been organized by the local DPE division at Microsoft Spain.

The Spanish Title was: "Integración Continua con Team Foundation Server"

Hope everybody enjoyed the show !!

here are the slides:

The demo, was based on my last workshop about TestingWithVS, anyway I have refactored the code to focus on CI. You can download it here

Comments (2)

  1. Pablo Alarcón García says:

    It has been a very nice event, I enjoyed clear separation between the Goal ( Continuous Integration ) and the Tool(s) ( Team Foundation || NUnit, NAnt, CruiseControl… ).

    A productive morning where many of us who had been in touch with Continous Integration and Unit Tests received an expert view and got some pointers at what Orcas will bring.

  2. Just Coding says:

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