Mount ISO Files in VISTA

Because this post looks the most popular in this blog, I’ve decidede to update it. After try a lot of ISO tools out there, finally I decided to use WinCDEmu

== Original Article ==

Once my box is ready, I need to WinSDK. The download format from MSDN is an ISO file, so I need a tool like VirtualCD (but this one works only for XP).

So I found

Mounting ISO Images in Vista 5536

referencing magic iso:

Comments (4)

  1. Balaji says:

    Magic ISO doesent worked with my 64 bit. while rebooting i was getting warning message when i checked up with Vista beta 2.  I was afraid to test someting with RC1.

  2. Here’s an ISO Mounter from Alex Feinman that was recommended from TechNet.

  3. Reza says:

    I used Virtual CD (You have to run it "as Administrator") on Vista RC2 and it works.



  4. Jorgie says:

    I found that the virtual cd/dvd driver from the MagicIso folks made my machine unstable. I do have the full MagicIso product and love it, but I stick with VirtualCloneDrive for mounting ISOs. (I would love to use the one from MagicIso as it does UIF files.)


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