Load Test and Perf Counters

The first time I saw the Load Tests in action I got impressed: you can watch the performance counters in the same graph as the stats of your tests !!

However when I tried to use it in a real production environment I discover you can not stablish a direct connection to the DMZ so there is no way to collect perf mon stats from the LoadTestRun.

I have also found problems when you try to collect counters from products that are not installed in your test box, also there are some difficulties to read counters from a 64b OS, so I have to deal with local logs.

To get this job done I have had to create a simple script to get the perf counters I need, here is the trick.

  1. Define a counter set in perfmon (set it as manual)

  2. logman -s <server> start <CounterSetName>

  3. mstest /testcontainer:<YourLoadTest>.loadtest

  4. logman -s <server> stop <CounterSetName> 


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