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One of the great things about TDD and unit testing, is how you record the team progress with the logs created every time you run your test suite.

When you have a new change to test, you can run your test suite and see how it works, but this information must be stored and converted to a human readable format.

With NUnit I used to use http://nunit2report.sourceforge.net/ every time I run the test suite then I generated a NUnitReport, where you can inspect the name, description and duration of each tests. Also you have a nice summary with percentages and if something went wrong you get the exception details among the StackTrace.

With this information you have a valuable piece of information about how your Software Runs, and you can use it to send it via email, publish in a web site, or just print it to undestand how the software ran that date in that environment.

With VSTS every time you run your test suite you get a report about the TestRun, this files are stored in the TestResults forlder with the TRX extension. You can send this files and publish it, but you need VS to view the contents, and there is no way to print the results.

The other feature I miss a lot about how VS opens TRX files, is the ability to show summarize information and total statistics. In the case some tests failed you will need the error details, but with the default TRX viewer you have to scroll down, and click in each error to see the error detail.

This is why I decided to write a program to generate HTML reports from TRX files, it's called trx2htm.exe and you can find it here. (http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/ridocode)





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  2. Rob Caron says:

    Rido built a utility for generating HTML reports from Team System TestRun results files (TRX files),…

  3. Just Coding says:

    As I said in my previous post , I’m working on a tool to convert trx files (TestRun Results from VSTS)

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