Testing with VS2005 Demo

Today’s workshop was based on a demo to show all the vs features about testing, it covers: Unit Tests (With MockObjects) Integration Tests (Using ASP.Net Host) Functional Tests (With Web Tests) Load Tests (With testcontrollers and test agents)  I’ve packed all the code in a zip that you can download here: http://blogs.msdn.com/rido/attachment/1159890.ashx   DemoVSTesting.zip


My Workshop about testing

Tomorrow I will be talking about Testing with VS2005, here is my presentation: http://blogs.msdn.com/rido/attachment/1156243.ashx If you are interested in the code samples, please let me know and I will send you the latest version     Testing, Testing, Testing.pptx


Mocking SQLException

I’m working on a presentation about Testing, and one of the technics I would like to show is MockObjects. One of the mock objects I want to create is a DataAccess Layer, and this one should throw SqlExceptions, however the SqlException class is sealed and has no public constructor.   I found a comment about it here: http://www.taylor.se/blog/2006/06/09/mocking-sqlexception/ But the…


Mount ISO Files in VISTA

Because this post looks the most popular in this blog, I’ve decidede to update it. After try a lot of ISO tools out there, finally I decided to use WinCDEmu == Original Article == Once my box is ready, I need to WinSDK. The download format from MSDN is an ISO file, so I need…


My lastest desktop

Today I have switched to Vista RC2. After reinstalling the OS I have to install all the tools I use everyday. Here is the list Office Beta2 OneNote 2007 Project 2007 SQL2005 SP2 (Beta) Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Enterprise Library Composite UI Application Block Smart Client Software Factory Windows Live Writer


TFS: Change Connected user

When you setup TFS for the first time, usually you use the TFSSetup account. And with this account you are going to login for the first time. However, once your environment is complete, you will want to login as a different user, but the credentials you used for the first time is already cached… The…


VSTS LoadTesting 64bit WebServer

Last week I had to stress a web portal running on x64 machine. Everything works as spected but when I tried to analyze ASP.Net counters I found there was little problem, every ASP.Net related counter was empty, I mean with no values. And this is because my loadagent was running in 32-bit machine. I’ve found…


SQL Server Hosting toolkit

One of the most wanted features I miss from the VS2K5 platform SDLC tools is the ability to manage databases as plain text files, and not only the schema but also the minimal data you need to recreate your db from a command line. Now this tool is started at codeplex, you can try it…


Load Test and Perf Counters

The first time I saw the Load Tests in action I got impressed: you can watch the performance counters in the same graph as the stats of your tests !! However when I tried to use it in a real production environment I discover you can not stablish a direct connection to the DMZ so…


Visual Studio vs. Vista: What’s going on here?

Interesting opinions about Vista about a development environment, we have to wait for a “better answer” from MS DevDiv  Link to Visual Studio vs. Vista: What’s going on here?