Helpers and Utils are CodeSmell’s

I never like too much the concept of “helper classes”,   First of all I tried to found some written reference to “Helpers” with no luck… But it seems to be any a class with static methods. I also found wich I think should be deleted. Both are examples of CodeSmells, more info on this here:…


NUnit 2.2.3

I was waiting for the new version, it has been tested with .Net 2.0 RTM.  


Petzold and new IDEs

With the proximity of VS 2005 launch everybody is talking about IDEs. I know it’s not a new discussion, IDE vs Editors, VS vs Notepad, Eclipse vs VIM … Charles Petzold has written a piece that has been popular see  and He talks about VS tools like Intellisense, form editors and other kind of code…


Windows Live (another RSS reader)

If you are a RSS user, not just to read blogs, instead almost every syndicated content, you will be using any kind of RSS aggregator. This kind of software software uses to be known as “readers”. One of the oldest sites that provides this functionality has been since then, almost every portal has included…