My first MSDN Article is online

My first article for is online. MockObjects y TDD en .Net Framework

It has been published in "MSDN en Español" and based on user feedback I will plan the english version

I would like to upgrade to .Net 2.0 using VSTS, but I'm waiting the avilability of any MockObjectFramework for 2.0.





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  1. shaunbed says:

    I just read it ala babelfish.

    I will first say that I am not a big fan of test driven development though I do believe that testing should be done synchronously with coding or as soon as practical.

    The problem I have with TDD is it develops much of a code and fix style of development. I feel that it is better to approach a problem with a bit more insight.

    I also feel that tests are no replacement for requirements and some TDD styles encourage very little documentation. The idea is that the test proscribes the code. I am worried that this could lead to poor analysis.

    Of course, I have been occasionally wrong in the past. One of my biggest perhaps incorrect predictions was that visual development would lead to a style of programming devoid of good design. The problem I saw was developers who would design code around the user interface rather than following good practices like information hiding. I feel that this has been a problem in some cases but I feel that my fears in this area were probably overstated.

    I would not mind more articles on test harnesses, scaffolding as I feel these can be important in getting to test as soon as possible. I also feel that test heuristics would be useful.

    Overall, a great first attempt. You seem fairly well read. Don’t put too much faith in any one author. Always question.. everything. A lot of practices have good parts. I love Kent Beck’s comment on refactoring and it has definitely helped my coding practices. However, sometimes I feel inclined to disagree.

  2. John says:

    TDD DOES encourage good design. It encourages developers to THINK about the problem their solving first instead of quickly hacking something together that works. Of course if their tests are wrong well you’re toast. I really can’t imagine developing sans TDD.

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