Rido’s agile books list

I have published aan Amazon list with my favorite agile books http://www.amazon.com/gp/richpub/listmania/fullview/1LHHR9AYGE60N/002-6823113-7530423 (comments are in spanish)

Helpers and Utils are CodeSmell’s

I never like too much the concept of “helper classes”,   First of all I tried to found some written reference to “Helpers”  http://patternshare.org/default.aspx/Home.AllPatterns with no luck… But it seems to be any a class with static methods. I also found http://patternshare.org/default.aspx/Home.PP.UtilityComponent wich I think should be deleted. Both are examples of CodeSmells, more info on this here: http://blogs.msdn.com/nickmalik/archive/2005/09/06/461404.aspx…

NUnit 2.2.3

I was waiting for the new version, it has been tested with .Net 2.0 RTM. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=10749  

Petzold and new IDEs

With the proximity of VS 2005 launch everybody is talking about IDEs. I know it’s not a new discussion, IDE vs Editors, VS vs Notepad, Eclipse vs VIM … Charles Petzold has written a piece http://charlespetzold.com/etc/DoesVisualStudioRotTheMind.html that has been popular see http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/10/26/1935250&tid=156&tid=166&tid=8  and http://lambda-the-ultimate.org/node/view/1084. He talks about VS tools like Intellisense, form editors and other kind of code…


Windows Live (another RSS reader)

If you are a RSS user, not just to read blogs, instead almost every syndicated content, you will be using any kind of RSS aggregator. This kind of software software uses to be known as “readers”. One of the oldest sites that provides this functionality has been http://www.bloglines.com since then, almost every portal has included…


NUnit vs VSTS

One of the most popular open source application for .Net developers is NUnit.   With the next release of VS2005 and VSTS, the new IDE has integrated unit test support, with a lot of new functionality over NUnit.   However there are some basic features that VSTS does not implement.   1) Assert.AreEqual (string expected, string…



One test is better that thousand words… [TestFixture] public class XmlDataDemo {               [Test]      public void LoadDataSet()      {            EmployeeDataSet ds = new EmployeeDataSet();            ds.ReadXml(@”.\..\..\Employee.xml”);            Assert.AreEqual(1,ds.employee.Rows.Count);           }        [Test]      public void XmlDataDoc()      {                          XmlDataDocument doc = new XmlDataDocument(new EmployeeDataSet());                          doc.Load (@”.\..\..\Employee.xml”);                                          XmlDocument…

Scrum for MSProject 2003

Honeslty, MSProject it’s not my favorite tool to track software development projects (or at least the kind of projects where I use to work).   I agree Mr Spolsky about his opinion of the product, and I prefer Excel, and Shared lists to track project information. http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/fog0000000245.html   However, today I’ve found a new MSProject Add-In to create product-sprint…

Good Intentions and Abstractions

Do the simplest thing that could possibly work Do the simplest thing that could possibly work Do the simplest thing that could possibly work   It looks evident for every people, but we (developers) are different.   We don’t like to write simple programs. When we find a simple solution we always try to get…


Ultimate Developer And Power Users ToolList

Every dev has it’s own tool collection, Scott offers a nice categorized selection with more than 100 tools.   Scott Hanselmans 2005 Ultimate Developer And Power Users ToolList   From this list I have discovered new ones I would like to recommend:   Notepad2 Reggie LogParser ieHttpHeaders Tail4win Zanebug