XP Misunderstanding

I like www.stickyminds.com, it's one of this sites I like to come back to see what's new in the Process&Methodology space.

I don't like the articles named "The ABC of ...", however there is one called:

 "The ABCs of XP, RAD, and PSP " [http://www.stickyminds.com/s.asp?F=S3411_ART_2]

that takes my attention, so I read it.

I don't know the sources of the author, because I've never see an XP project without design, ok the design is made with code, but it's design. The pros&cons section is not realistic, who knows a single programmer who could write the code at the first time? Just the naming of variables and methods require several changes. But the naming phase is design ¿isn't it?

The only point I agree is that XP may be not suitable for every scenario, I believe each project should have it's own methodology, as Cockburn says in.

A Methodology Per Project [ http://alistair.cockburn.us/crystal/articles/mpp/methodologyperproject.html ]

But the in the real world, the projects use to be fast, small and vague requirments, this is way XP use to fit very well in the 80% of projects I know.




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  1. timts says:

    if ever a M$FT project is user driven instead of profit driven, things could have been done very differently.

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