Alan Kay

I didn't know who was Alan Kay,  but yesterday, when I thought there was nothing interesting to see here @ OOPSLA I found the main ballroom was full, with a lot people waiting to see Alan Kay talk.

I got impressed about how many knowledge can a human store. This guy is one of the fathers of OO !!

His talk was not about any concrete technological topic, instead he put focus on how to teach and transmit knowledge to the next generations.


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  1. Mark Mullin says:

    Alan is the grandfather of windows – he’s the man that originally envisioned the WIMP (windows,icons,mouse,pointing) interface. Alan is still extremely influential, and a great way to see how his work has kept pace with the times is at A long long time ago, I turned down work with MSFT in the hopes of working with Alan at Parc, ended up getting neither <sigh>

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