The Software Architect

This is my first Practitioner Report. It's a kind of session where a set of proffesionals talks about the realities of a concrete topic, in this case the role of "The Software Architect".

this are the notes I took

Architect is the interface between our OO Black Box and the customer Black Box


6 Guiding Principles


  • Manage Complexity (The problem and the solution, Layers of Abstraction)
  • Manage Function Requirements
  • Communicate Effectively (many audiences, many needs, effective translator)
  • Embrace Leadership (not the same as managing)
  • Pay Attention to non functional Requirements
  • Bring a well Stocked Toolkit
    • Coding Skills
    • Frameworks





Architect influence

Standard productivity 275 SLOC /SM

With Architect: Ordering Web System 2.370, B2B 3760, EI 1730

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