The Future of Programming

It's the opening keynote of OOPSLA.

The Future of Programming  from Richard Rashid of MS Research.

I didn't like too much since he spend half of his time talking about the past not the future, and how things are very difficult to predict.

He talked about programming in three areas:

  • Data. He showed as the very impressive nature of TerraServer, SkyServer and so on.
  • Graphics. And how the GPU (Graphical Unit Processor) is evolving.
  • Tools. To improve the software quality

Later on, Dr Rashid invited to a  VS2005 program manager to show how to create a Domain Specific Language with VS, I didn't like too much because he was focused on the visual capabilities of the platform instead what DSL really are. The good news is that MS will be released a VS AddOn to create DSL inside VS 2005.

After the demo started, a notable number of participants left the room, I think because the commercial nature of the demo, outside at the hall there was a crowd disspointing the opening keynote because the demo.

The talk finished with a note on devices, and how every device will have it's own version of any kind of CLR where we can run code written with VS, this is not a new message too (at least for me, as MS employee)


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  1. Just Coding says:

    Two years ago I wrote about "The Future of Programming"  bercause it was the keynote at OOPSLA04….

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