Objects, Patterns, Wiki and XP

Ward Cunningham talked about eXtreme Programming, I liked too much this talk because he was capable to change and correlate so disperse topics as OO, DesignPatterns, WikiWikiWeb and XP naturally.

The name of the presentation is: "System of Names", so he started talking about the importance of the names because people assume behavior based on names. Of course, choosing the right name is pretty difficult, so a thesaurus can help with this task.

Ward suggest that we should revise the names choosen in a system, so they reflect the ultimate "roles", and we should try to find names consistently with the metaphor. If you need a name that does not exists, create it. This is what patterns are about.

Once patterns and names are introduced, he talked about HyperCards and CRCCards, more info about this on: http://c2.com/doc/firstcrc.pdf 

He also mention the effectiveness of PairProgramming, and the importance of the programming rythm, and how you should divide your development in episdes.

One metaphor I liked so much was the skiing metaphor http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?EverythingAboutObjects 

Another pretty good metaphor was:

Manage Complexity as a Debt

Skip Design = Borrowed Money

Maintenance Headache = Internet Payments

Refactoring = Debt Payment

Engineering Policy = Financial Policy

I liked bery much this talk, I think it was the first time I saw anybody talking about XP whit this clarity of ideas.




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