Integration Patterns

Today I've spend the whole day learning about Enterprise Integration Patterns


This tutorial is covered by the authors of the book Enterprise Integration Patterns, Bob from IBM and Gregor from ThoughtWoorks.


There is a book companion web site http:///, one of the most interesting features is a Visio Stencil with icons of every pattern discussed in the book


The first half of the tutorial, that takes all the morning was a review of the main patterns covered in the book, MessageTranslator, MessageBus etc…


The afternoon was more interesing since Gregor gives a more practical vision about how to use the patterns in the real world. I liked the sample he choose to talk about messaging: The Coffe Shop where a customer ask for a coffe, the cashier computes de invoice, and before the customer has paid someone has started to make your coffee.


The first implementation was using ASMX, the second one ASMX using the IAsyncResult interface, and the final one using MSMQ messaging.

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