User Centered Design


The first Tutorial I have choose was about Model Driven Architecture, however this tutorial has been cancelled, so I have to choose another one. There was two tutorials I found interesting: Large scale UML design, User centered design. Finally I choose the last one.


User Centered Design is a set of agile practices you should do when you are capturing requirements and start to do the project plan.


The Tutorial is covered by Jeff Patton from ThoughtWorks. It's focused on Roles. The first thing you should do is to identify all the roles that will be using your system. To identify the roles we did a brainstorming session in the agile way, with cards, and posters spread around the room walls.


Once we got the main roles, we started to find the most important tasks users will be expecting from the system, this tasks can be grouped into clusters, showing the relationships between each task.


Finally we started to planning when t implement each task. To do this we draw a model with to axis: time and how critic is the task, and start to order each task (written in a card) among this two axis, once we finished we draw lines defining each of the iteration releases we plan.


It has been a very interactive tutorial, with a concrete business problem to solve and nice guidance to attendees while we were progressing on the model


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