Aspect Oriented Programming


I'm not a Java developer, however I'm very interested in AOP, and I'm sure this tutorial it's going to provide me a lot of ideas about AOP.


AOP is presented as an evolution to OO and Component Based Programming, it's a kind of interception mechanism that allows you to define a kind of queries to select the types you want to intercept. During the interception you can act before, after or in the whole execution of a method. The typical things you can do with aspects are:

  • Logging
  • Transaction Management
  • Tracing
  • Performance Analysis


But the point I really loved is the ability to set design time rules to analyze your current design, for example, in a MVC pattern you could check that the View never talks directly with the DataBase.


If you want to see the presentations it's availbale here:


And if you want to play with AOP from the .NET world here is an early version of AspectSharp:



Have fun !!

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