I’m in c2 wiki

I belive in wikis, and the number 1 is http://c2.com so I’ve created my own page here http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?RidoMin


Amazon WS

Last day at OOPSLA has started with Allan Vermeulen, CTO of Amazon WebServices. The talk has not been a technical one,  instead Allan discover to Business Models behind the Amazon Web Service. All the demos were online showing different web sites that exploits the Amazon WebServices, here are a few of the sites showed. http://www.GoogleDuel.com…


Amazon Office Research Page

If you are a Office 2003 user, you will find this AddIn very useful. http://www.amazon.com/gp/associates/research-pane/download_rp.html/103-4903695-1322253


SD. Art or Science

It has been a great panel, with MartinFowler and Steve McConnel as analysts (with others I didn’t know) There has been a big debate about this popular topic. It’s the first time I see Martin talking and I liked too much, he started saying “I’m sick of this debate”, and this is because too many…


Concrete Languages and Virtual Platforms

I’m not a C++ guy so my advice on this session it’s not very accurate. The topic covered here is about the evolution of the C++ Language and the integration with the MS Virtual Machine (a.k.a. CLR). Most of the time of the presentation has been spent discussing different approaches to memory management, Destructors, Finalizers…



The next OnWard Session was about finding bugs. Everybody knows bugs can come from requirments, specs or code. This sessions was focused on bugs introduced in the development phase of a project. After analyzing some bug patterns, the authors discovered how to do a static analysis of the code (well it’s easy to analyze byte…


Example Centric Programming

It’s an “OnWard” what means a short (30-45 minutes) explanation of some work in progress. Example Centric Programming it’s an addendum to UnitTesting and TDD. The technic it’s no very simple because it relies in hacking the compiler, so you can run a method without real compilation. So you could leave code branches without implement…


The XP Customer (Fad or Fashion)

It has been my first “Panel”, so I first of all I would like to introduce you to he talk “format”. In a Panel there are a number of analysts who express their opinion about the current discussion, after that the attendees ask about a specific concern or just participate with their own opinion. It’s…


Alan Kay

I didn’t know who was Alan Kay,  but yesterday, when I thought there was nothing interesting to see here @ OOPSLA I found the main ballroom was full, with a lot people waiting to see Alan Kay talk. I got impressed about how many knowledge can a human store. This guy is one of the…


Objects, Patterns, Wiki and XP

Ward Cunningham talked about eXtreme Programming, I liked too much this talk because he was capable to change and correlate so disperse topics as OO, DesignPatterns, WikiWikiWeb and XP naturally. The name of the presentation is: “System of Names”, so he started talking about the importance of the names because people assume behavior based on…