TechEd 2004 Europe

Which are the most exciting topics we will learn in TechEd04?


I expect to assist sessions covering


  • Yukon

  • VS Whidbey

  • VS Team System

  • Unit Tests from VS

  • Biztalk Server 2004  

Also I would like to hear some Longhorn info from WinFS to Avalon


C U There



Comments (1)

  1. Tim Sneath says:

    The attendee website is now online, and you can download a raw session database from my blog. You’ll see plenty of Yukon and Whidbey – about forty sessions, enough for you to attend the conference twice over! Plenty too on BizTalk Server – there’s an EBZ track dedicated to it. You won’t see a great deal on Longhorn at this stage, because TechEd primarily focuses on technologies that are either shipping now or due to be released within the next year. There is a session on Indigo and its impact on service-orientated application development today, but that might well be it this year at least. There won’t be much in the way of Longhorn briefings or events for the next six months at least – until the product has matured a little further. Hope this helps, Tim

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