Fun with CSS

I've been playing around with CSS tonite, it's an icredible technology..

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  1. Ben Sinclair says:

    CSS broke into my house, stole my stereo, and renamed my dog!

  2. deedubb says:

    When is W3C, Microsoft, Mozilla etc gonna get together and make a dll & so that does all the HTML rendering in a common engine for the good of man kind?

  3. Uwe says:

    So you really should take a look at

    This is an incredible site, making use of that incredible CSS.

  4. rido says:

    The HTML formatting based in tables is hadr to mantain and copuples presentation and content. And CSS is the solution

  5. Rodrigo Paiva says:

    Say the power of CSS to Uncle Gates, and improve this better in the next version of IE !!! Tks a lot …

  6. William Luu says:

    CSS Rocks! It’s powerful when used properly.

    I agree, the CSS Zen Garden is a great resource! Personally, I like to look at sites such as CSS Discuss ( and browse through the various CSS based layouts for a bit of an inspiration for site designs.

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