WebProjects Problems

Using Vs WebProjects and VSS have differnet problems in a dev environment. Fritz onion has a nice article [ http://www.pluralsight.com/fritz/Samples/aspdotnet_without_web_projects.htm ] about this topic.

The trick is simple: use standard ClassLibrary projects, change the output path, and the debug settings, this way it's easier to manage web projects in a development team...

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  1. Pascal Naber says:

    Here is a tip for adding webprojects to VSS:

    Since VS.NET 2003/VSS6.0d adding webprojects to VSS is not as expected and not as it was in VS.NET 2002.

    When you want to be asked by VSS to add the webproject to VSS change this in the registry:

    Navigate to:


    and change:

    ‘DoNotCreateSolutionRootFolderInSourceControl’ to 1.

  2. Hans Jergen Ohff says:



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