Back to the future

Since I started working on Centennial (aka Desktop Bridge) tooling I created a simple sample app called BackToTheFuture to test the end to end scenario of creating an app publishing to the store. The app is a WPF UI using some of the centennial goodness like the virtual registry, and access to Windows 10 APIs….

My NDC Oslo talk about JS Mobile development is live

NDC. What a great conference. I had the opportunity to talk about JS mobile development best practices in Oslo. Here is the video if you are interested. Best Practices for using JS in your mobile app – Ricardo Minguez Pablos from NDC Conferences on Vimeo.

Ionic 2 and Visual Studio

IMPORTANT UPDATES. July 18, 2016, Ionic 2 (Beta 10) Visual Studio 2015 Templates July 1, 2016 Ionic 2 Beta 10. Although Ionic 2 is still in beta, the team working on Tools for Apache Cordova is so excited that we want you to be able to start building Ionic 2 apps in Visual Studio today….


OCPIEF means Open Cordova Project in Existing Folder

If you work with Apache Cordova, probably you are using Command Line tools to scaffold your project, some examples are cordova, ionic, angular-cli etc… Once you have your project created you want to open the project and start making changes. Open in VSCode If you use VSCode you can use the Cordova Extension and with…


Cordova demo app for Build 2016

During the past weeks I have been working with ionic to ensure that the upcoming ionic2 framework, based on angular2 will work with our dev tools, supporting different workflows and platforms. We have talked about it at //Build 2016, the recording session is available at Channel9 You can find the code in github

Serving Static Content With IISExpress

If you work in a modern frontend, you probably use node to server your static content. Why not use IISExpress to do the same thing? Running iisexpress.exe with the /path parameter should be enough, but the path should be an absolute path, so to do so in dynamic way you can use “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\iis express\iisexpress.exe” /path:%cd%

New Era of this blog

This week is a very special week. Me (and my family) decided to move to Redmond to join the VS team. I expect to start blogging again, so stay tuned.

App Studio at Build 2014 Conference

Several people is asking for the code I used in the App Studio @//build: Here it is.


Updated Traces for .Net

Loooong time ago I wrote: Today I’ve updated with a revision to use some features that were not available then, like the TraceEventType As usual it’s in my Gist:

.Net for Business (a Tech Guide)

In case you missed the announcement in last build, Microsoft Corp have released a set of whitepapers to help organizations make proper use of .NET related technologies: It’s a valuable resource in case you need to understand how to use .NET inside a big organization