Amazing Grace Hopper on Nanoseconds

Just found this: Worth it just to hear Grace. I think I’ll get some microseconds to hang around people’s necks.  Maybe I’ll be kind and use fiber instead of copper 🙂    


Measuring IE Performance

The Building Windows 8 blog has an interesting article on how we measure IE perf. Recommended reading 🙂



I know I haven’t posted for a while; I’m hoping that will change soon.  However in the mean time my daughter forwarded me this link because she thought it was cute. The thing is, she didn’t realize it should be my theme song. It’s rule #1 Now even Sesame Street agrees!  It must…


VSX Keynote posted

Just a quick plug, if you missed the VSX conference you can see it all online on Channel 9.  Some great talks including my keynote speech on VS Futures.  

The Visual Studio Documentary on Channel 9

This is just great fun! And, of course, The Documentary is all wrong because they left out many of my favorite parts *grin*. OK, seriously, there is no one history of Visual Studio because of course there is a history for every person that was involved, the ones here at Microsoft and the many partners…


Development Tools Ecosystem Summit

I’m happy to announce that I just agreed to give the keynote for the Development Tools Ecosystem Summit next month here in Redmond.  The Development Tools Ecosystem Summit, from October 19th – 23rd, is our annual conference open to all developers for us to share the new opportunities available to extend the Visual Studio Platform.  I…


Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Looks like it’s interview season for me just now.  Here’s another piece on Visual Studio directions, based on questions from Channel 9 readers. Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond Thanks to Charles for having me on, it’s always fun 🙂


Performance Advice, Southern Style

While I was at PDC2008 I was introduced to Keith and Woody — pretty soon there was a microphone in front of me and we were doing a podcast.  Now I already liked these guys but when they used a picture of me from about 1998 I really liked them a lot more.  I wish…


Visual Studio Futures — Extensibility Video

This is a brief interview from our most recent VSX conference. Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Principal Product Unit Manager, and Rico Mariani, Architect for the Visual Studio Platform team shares their ideas and long term goals for Visual Studio. You’ll hear about the new changes coming to Visual Studio 2010 like the WPF-based editor, the new Visual…


Performance by Design at PDC2008!

I’m happy to announce that I will be at PDC2008 (and I will work the booths until I can’t speak) but in particular I’ll be kicking off this precon event with my longtime colleagues Mark, Joe, and Vance. Come on out, I’d love to meet some of my readers! Performance by Design: Using the .NET…