Forwarding address

You can find me posting here now:


Final Posting

My last day at Microsoft will be tomorrow, 3/24/2017. I really did want to get to some of the old comments that had been neglected but alas, there’s no time. I’m not sure I will actually lose access to this blog because of the way authorization happens but I think it would be a bad…


Discovered comments

I just discovered that there are all kinds of comments pending approval, some from several months ago. Not something I was used to on the old platform. So apologies for not responding to those comments sooner, I got too used to the old system. Traditionally I’ve not censored any comments and I’ll try to do…

symbol filter redux

A while ago I provided this local symbol server proxy you could use to get just the symbols you want.  I was watching it work a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that most of the time what it ends up doing is proxying a 302 redirect.  Which was kind of cool because that…