Amazing Grace Hopper on Nanoseconds

Just found this:

Worth it just to hear Grace.

I think I'll get some microseconds to hang around people's necks.  Maybe I'll be kind and use fiber instead of copper 🙂



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  1. Edouard, the Overgrad...XD says:

    Ummm…errr…isn't it a nanosecond's worth one would hang around one's (or another's) neck?  11.8 inches would actually probably make a nice wound bracelet…but 984 feet around one's neck?!!!?!  I mean, after all, you would need 492 people…assuming, of course, that each person had 2 feet…XD

    And of course, being an irritable Canuck, might I (politely, of course) suggest using 29.972 cm…which most of the world would understand…LOL! XD

  2. AndyCadley says:

    Edouard, I think her point is that programmers will routinely waste microseconds and they might be less inclined to do so if the penalty was hanging around their neck!

    It's a great demonstration though and a wonderfully thought out way of making a point, a very clever lady indeed.

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