CLR Performance Questionnaire

Vance Morrison posted an interesting opportunity for you to give feedback directly to the CLR perf team on your managed code performance issues.  I encourage you to participate:

If you use managed code, and you care about performance, then we want to hear from you.

We have not yet shipped the next version (what we call Version 4) of the .NET Runtime, however we are 'locked down' enough that at least a few of us on the runtime team are preparing for the version after that (as yet unnamed).   As part of that planning exercise we want YOUR input.    The .NET Performance team wants to know what your 'performance pain points' (is it startup, some throughput scenario, ASP.NET client etc), so we can address your most important issues.

To submit your feedback simply go to the site and fill out the form.   We tried to keep it short and 'low overhead' (we are the performance team after all) .     

Comments (8)

  1. cwbrandsma says:

    *cough* .netcf *cough*

    Sorry about that, something was caught in my throat.  Now what was that?

  2. John Oglesby says:

    We write high level financial analytics in .NET languages. Further down the code stack we use C++, in the main for performance reasons. C++ is more difficult for to write and debug, so we have a big interest in the performance improving. We would like to us F#/C# for most of our code but appears too slow today.

    Our code is mostly in memory numeric manipulation, arrays of double, some trig functions etc.


  3. The Fiddler says:

    We mainly work with 3d graphics and physics simulation. The Mono runtime has a significant advantage in this area, due to its faster p/invoke implementation and the Mono.Simd library, which exposes SIMD CPU extensions to managed code (needs runtime support, obviously).

    Using Mono.Simd, we have seen performance improvements in the region of 2x-10x – which is very significant in our field of work!

  4. ShuggyCoUk says:

    ++ same as John

    We use mix of c#, f#, C++/CLI

    C++ where absolutely needed (often efficient interop with other c/c++ libraries)

    I filled in the questionnaire already 🙂

  5. Keith Patrick says:

    Can you suggest to them that "Please specify the version of the .NET Framework that you are using?" should be a list of checkboxes rather than radio?  Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to have our entire org shift BCL version across all apps simultaneously (I currenly use the last 3 versions and every now and then even have to code to 1.1)

  6. Justin_H says:

    I also ended up having to just check .NET 2.0 in the questionnaire even though I also work on 3.5 and 1.1. Should have been check boxes I agree.

    Thanks Fiddler for the info on Mono. I never would have considered using Mono on windows or that it may perform better in some scenarios.

  7. Julian says:

    It would indeed be awesome if .NET had something similar to Mono.Simd. And while I’ve heard good things about Mono.Simd, I still think it’s kind of weird to have a small set of structs that are treated very differently by the runtime than all the rest. Doesn’t feel right. I suppose it would be more ‘.NET’ if you could decorate a ValueType with an attribute, but I have no idea on the technical feasibility of that.

  8. Pop.Catalin says:

    What I’d love to see in a future .Net runtime is:

    – better am more efficient string manipulation (lot’s of room for perf and memory optimizations here)

    – inlining of delegate calls (at least those that are created in scope)

    – SIMD support (Hardware agnostic SIMD would be really nice 🙂 )

    There are areas in computing where .Net is a bit out of reach like, numerics, simulations, 3D graphics, and it’s a real shame for such a beautiful runtime to be left out … but, I’m sure one day we will get there; you guys have the gift of exceeding my expectations when you finally add the things I wished for.

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