Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Looks like it's interview season for me just now.  Here's another piece on Visual Studio directions, based on questions from Channel 9 readers.

Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Thanks to Charles for having me on, it's always fun 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. willdean says:

    Fantastic!  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard you’d written the indexer for the new help yourself.  I have been dying to do that job myself for about about 5 years – I am currently reduced to desperate sobbing every time I hit F1 while I have Filemon running.

    Another great interview.  It’s so reassuring to feel that there is a proper developer on our side inside VS.  No offence to Soma, but every time he writes about Popfly I wonder if he’s on the same planet as the rest of us.

  2. Keith Patrick says:

    I cannot emphasize enough how much I applaud the decision to build VS on top of WPF (and fix any performance issues that creep up as a result).  I may be overly optimistics, but I do dream of one day having a working "Cancel Build" button in the IDE (yeah, I know WPF doesn’t magically fix threading, but VS just feels like it’s got sedimentary layers of event handling code strewn throughout, and WPF does threading so cleanly). BTW: I feel the same way about explorer.exe…it just behaves less and less consistently over the years.

    I was a bit disheartened to hear there likely be no ribbon, though. While the context menu stuff is great, it’s not mutually exclusive to the ribbon, and the large-scale toolbar shifting/reorg that goes on whenever I switch documents or go into debug mode causes my head to swim some mornings/evenings (I lose the build/rebuild toolbar a LOT…that little sucker covers more ground than I do in a given day)

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