Performance Advice, Southern Style

While I was at PDC2008 I was introduced to Keith and Woody -- pretty soon there was a microphone in front of me and we were doing a podcast.  Now I already liked these guys but when they used a picture of me from about 1998 I really liked them a lot more.  I wish I still looked like that :).

And the interview was pretty fun too. 😉

Keith, Woody, thanks for having me.

You guys can check it out here:

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  1. KG says:


    Nice podcast.  I’m a Deep Fried fan in Nashville.  I’ll be in North MS hopefully helping out the Toyota plant along by January 09, living close to where Keith and I went to school together for a couple of semesters.  When I caught up with that sharp boy, I had no idea he had gotten into this industry and made the contributions he had already.  He was in Music Education.  I’m always impressed when someone like that, similar to a friend of mine from HS that was in the National Guard and ended up in MIS with me and is now doing what I was trained to do for Nissan in MS.

    That’s why when I owned a storefront I paid my developer/friend from HS twice as much as myself.  I just can’t sit down and think like that all day.  I could write a 32 page report and not blink but once a page and finish in an hour.  My hat’s off to you guys.

    I prefer my hands around the hardware and developed apps.  I like to do BA/SA and drive projects to completion.  I enjoy working with developers and IT departments, and sometimes I’m 100% technical.  Just never start from scratch with any code.  I’m just quite opinionated about all code; and just like the humans that wrote it all, it’s not perfect and nobody expected it to be.  When I pick on my friend, he knows I’m just having fun.  I wouldn’t partner with Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, Juniper, Foundry, WYSE, DEC, Symantec, and CA and forget to spread around my lighthearted jabs to ALL developers in every platform.  I just think they deserve some frustration from me sometimes.  My friend the genius that started on a Commodore 64 as well but upgraded his to a 128 and was writing his own games in ASM is indescribably different but the same.  We both loved Fast Hack’em and had shoeboxes of games when we were kids. 🙂  We have to have our fun.   Guys like me had open access to the internet from a university town and remember the 1200 baud freedom without the need for a shell account and password.  Then came the "school of hard knocks" lesson in security and ethics at the same time.  I will be teaching my child computer ethics the first time we approach an input device of any sort.  I had to learn the hard way like alot of us security-minded guys did.  Fortunately my conscience didn’t allow me to create economic damage; but my desire to learn and explore and be challenged did allow for some enjoyable experiences with SunOS 4.x, IRIX, VMS and the like, worldwide! 😀

    Thanks again for sitting in and sharing your expertise and viewpoints on this ‘cast w/ the fellas down here in the Dirty South.


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