Visual Studio Futures — Extensibility Video

This is a brief interview from our most recent VSX conference.

Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Principal Product Unit Manager, and Rico Mariani, Architect for the Visual Studio Platform team shares their ideas and long term goals for Visual Studio.

You'll hear about the new changes coming to Visual Studio 2010 like the WPF-based editor, the new Visual Studio extensibility architecture and the key areas the team is looking to address beyond Visual Studio 2010.

Check it out and you'll see my response to this excellent and provocative comment by "florindonot"

you people have in-principle OK ideas but you lack the vitality to say NO and to cut to the relevant.
you end up with kilometers of code, which only reinforces what you are able to do today and ends up defining the status quo for everyone else.  this is comfortable (and so it is understandable - there is no contempt) but there are cleaner ways forward.

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