Patterns and Practices Performance "PAG"

If you're looking for the blue perf book "Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability" which used to be a it's now at


That's easy to remember...

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  1. Alik Levin says:

    I think online search engines figured this out very quickly.

    For offline experience I’ve used Guidance Explorer and custom built library stuck into my OL 2007. I just sucked up Guidance Explorer Online Store via RSS. These offline approaches are extremely useful for those who partially connected , like myself. It also helps when the online content "moves" like the one you just called out.

  2. cwbrandsma says:

    Thanks for posting that, I’ve seen the book before, just forgot about it.

    But, will we ever get an update for WPF, Silverlight, and WCF?

    I know they are related to existing technologies (WCF is similar to Remoting), but they are game changes that require (some) new guidance.

    I am very much looking forward to more guidance from the patterns and practices team.

  3. Fowl says:

    Even just an update for CLR2 would be good..

    Oh well, will just end up scrounging together blog posts from around the interwebs.

  4. Ree says:

    Agree it is seriously outdated.

    But CLR 3.5 is even more outdated as it still causes 100,000 page faults on in all WinForms code depending on what you do with UI.

    Embarassing for this day and age.

    Even though they are soft page faults, the entire refusal to fix the problem is beyond reason.

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