Performance by Design at PDC2008!

I'm happy to announce that I will be at PDC2008 (and I will work the booths until I can't speak) but in particular I'll be kicking off this precon event with my longtime colleagues Mark, Joe, and Vance.

Come on out, I'd love to meet some of my readers!

Performance by Design: Using the .NET Framework

Presenters: Mark Friedman, Joe Hellerstein, Rico Mariani, Vance Morrison

The.NET Framework offers developers a dizzying array of design choices for building applications, whether they are client or server-side applications. These choices can greatly impact the performance and scalability of your application. This session highlights best practices in application architecture, testing, tools, and techniques for building responsive and highly scalable applications using the .NET Framework. More than just practical advice, this session focuses on proven techniques for building high quality applications. You will also learn what measurement data is available from the CLR and the OS and will understand how to leverage this data to optimize your application’s performance.

Comments (6)

  1. Anders Borum says:

    Hi Rico,

    can’t wait and good to see you’re on the session schedule. Since you’ll be at the booths, I guess it would be possible to present some API designs and have you comment on the design and overall performance considerations?

  2. ricom says:

    I try to take any questions anyone cares to ask 🙂

  3. Mini me says:

    I hope the video’s will be available afterwards ?

  4. nativecpp says:

    Your session is pre (i.e. Sunday). Are you going to have the same session on weekdays ?

  5. ricom says:

    No, the each precon track is an all-day type session.  It isn’t just me, it’s me and 3 other guys.  Plus the Q&A.  It’s a very intensive thing.

    In fact, I have no other sessions at all, I’ll just be working the floor.

  6. Alik Levin's says:

          Rico Says :  Performance by Design . I say : Yeesh!! I am a big fan of

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