Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Looks like it’s interview season for me just now.  Here’s another piece on Visual Studio directions, based on questions from Channel 9 readers. Visual Studio Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond Thanks to Charles for having me on, it’s always fun 🙂


Performance Advice, Southern Style

While I was at PDC2008 I was introduced to Keith and Woody — pretty soon there was a microphone in front of me and we were doing a podcast.  Now I already liked these guys but when they used a picture of me from about 1998 I really liked them a lot more.  I wish…


Visual Studio Futures — Extensibility Video

This is a brief interview from our most recent VSX conference. Paramesh Vaidyanathan, Principal Product Unit Manager, and Rico Mariani, Architect for the Visual Studio Platform team shares their ideas and long term goals for Visual Studio. You’ll hear about the new changes coming to Visual Studio 2010 like the WPF-based editor, the new Visual…


Visual Studio Dialogue with WPF Performance Emphasis

Lots of great comments on my last posting, I wanted to address the performance concerns especially.  I’m always amazed by the wide variety of opinions 🙂 First I’d just like to say that I didn’t suddenly forget all my performance religion when I took this job and I believe the developer division at large has…


The Visual Studio Tech Roadmap — Starring Visual Studio 2010

[Dear Readers:I wrote a followup posting  Visual Studio Dialogue with WPF Performance Emphasis based on the comments below and there was a related interview on Channel 9: Visual Studio Futures — Extensibility Video, I include those links here for easy reference] Well the time has finally come for me to start writing about my new job in earnest. …


Patterns and Practices Performance "PAG"

If you’re looking for the blue perf book "Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability" which used to be a it’s now at   That’s easy to remember…


Performance by Design at PDC2008!

I’m happy to announce that I will be at PDC2008 (and I will work the booths until I can’t speak) but in particular I’ll be kicking off this precon event with my longtime colleagues Mark, Joe, and Vance. Come on out, I’d love to meet some of my readers! Performance by Design: Using the .NET…


Is Performance a "functional" requirement?

We had an internal thread on this yesterday, maybe I was a little too glib but here is what I had to say about the topic [edited so it can be read standalone] The original question, “Is performance a functional requirement” is highly unexciting for me.  However the revised question, “What is the best way…


Linq Compiled Queries Q & A

I did a series of postings on Linq Compiled Queries last year, I recently got some questions on those postings that I thought would be of general interest. Q1: Why use the ‘new’ keyword in this snippet? var q = from o in nw.Orders select new {o.everything …}; A: If you did just : var…


Hard and Soft Mode Debugging or The Woes of Soft Mode

I had to explain this a little while ago and I wrote up something that I thought was generally interesting.   This is only approximately correct (even the examples are flawed) but I think you can get the idea. I had first hand experience trying to get a soft-mode debugger working when I was the debugger…