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From time to time things get shuffled around here and I was involved in a recent shuffle that has changed my job yet again.  I’ve been working directly on performance in one capacity or another for nearly 5 years now but a few weeks ago I was asked to take on a new, broader, job.  That job is Chief Architect of Visual Studio.  I could hardly say no.

So, I hope you’ll all be pleased and you won’t worry that I will suddenly forget everything I knew about performance or stop driving performance excellence at Microsoft but I will have a new way to do that. 

Naturally with Beta 2 of Orcas coming “soon” the results of my old job are what you’re likely to see in terms of Visual Studio performance (and other things) for a while, but hopefully that will change – in a good way – in the months and years to come.

Wish me luck. It’s a huge job.  Easily the biggest of my career.

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  1. grauenwolf says:

    Congradulations. I hope you can put your skills to good use there, as VS really could use some help in the performance department.

  2. Andrew says:

    You’re right; that’s a huge role. Having followed your blog for the last 3-4 months I’ve got no doubt at all you’ll do great. Well done.

  3. Marcos Meli says:

    WOOOOAAA !!!

    These are GREAT NEWS !!!

    Who better than you doing the most important designs in VS =)

    I wish you the best, sure you will be lucky, and so, we will be 😛

    I hope that you can keep the blog update when you begin =(

    Best Regards


  4. Kieran Benton says:

    Fantastic news Rico! All the best! Keep up the fantastic blog posts, always brightens my day when Google Reader lights up your feed!

  5. Pawel Pabich says:

    It’s great news because there is a good chance that VS will be lightning fast at last ;).

  6. DM says:

    Congratulations Rico, go for it… make that beast run fast… =)

    I’ve been following your blog for the last 6 months and it’s always a pleasure to see my blog reader (IE 7) light up your feed 😉

    Wish you all the best on your new role!


  7. imRahulSoni says:

    Wow, congratulations Rico!!!

    Wish you all the best for your new role.


  8. Claes Welander says:

    Good news!

    Key persons in key roles.

    I have good hopes for the future.

    Performance has always been a thorn in my side for VS. Now things can only get better.

    Best wishes and good luck !

  9. Congrats!

    Enjoyed your perf comments on LINQ to SQL and will look forward to how Matt and his gang have improved the perf when Beta 2 arrives.

    Hopefully, you’ll boost VS 2008’s perf a bit, too.


  10. Mihailik says:

    Rico, just don’t think it is the biggest job in your career. You will do more.

    And good luck!

  11. Sergey M says:

    Wow. Sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck!

  12. Norman Diamond says:

    For your career that’s obviously an impressive move and I congratulate you.

    For your company’s products, I’m puzzled.  If Windows Explorer would open 10 seconds faster, billions of people would benefit, several times a day.  If Outlook Express would open 1 minute faster, hundreds of millions of people would benefit, every day.  If Visual Studio compiles programs faster, tens of thousands of people will benefit, several times a day.  If Visual Studio compiles programs faster at the expense of either failing to perform optimizations or (worse) generating bad code due to failing to analyse whether the optimizations are safe, hundreds of millions of end users will be damaged.  It seems to me that the speed of Visual Studio’s own operations shouldn’t be a priority (except for a few known problems).

  13. Hey!

    Congrats, Rico, and great news for us Visual Studio slaves!  😎

    I’m wholeheartedly sure you’ll do an awesome job, and even as I immensely appreciate your performance-related efforts, you deserve much more space than that. Your experience on dev tools in general and architectural concepts will produce many benefits for us.

    Best luck!

  14. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Wow, awesome. Congratulations. Just promise us you’ll keep blogging! 🙂

  15. Congrats! Now that you are responsible for a product I can start slinging complaints your way 🙂

  16. <sniff/>

    They grow up so fast…

  17. Bruno Coelho says:

    Congratulations Rico!

    As usual you will deliver the goods!

    Wish you all the best,

    Bruno Coelho

  18. shuggy says:

    Excellent news. Now you have to stop looking at trees and forests and play with a National Park. Enjoy!

  19. Fabien Hure says:

    Excellent news for you.

    I am sure you will do wonders working on VS.

    It is critical to have a person like you at this position as the code generated by the future version of VS will improve considerably and that is what’s count. I can live with a slow IDE as long as the code produced is improving …

    I wish you all the best

  20. Lee says:

    Good luck you deserve it…If you’re half as good at being a VS Architect as you were doing the perf stuff you’ll have no problem 🙂

    Anyway keep the blogs coming.

    Oh yeah now your Mr VS, I’d like to make a recommendation, when an exception throws it would nice in the exceptions wizard to be able to disable catching it in the debugger with one click, instead of having to drill into the exceptions dialog!

    Anyway good luck again




  21. Ian Ringrose says:

    We have a solution with about 40 projects in it; each project has between 5 and 10 files in it.  There is a mix of “dll”, “WinForms” and “” projects.

    Sometimes I can land up with lots of windows open, (including WinForms and Aps.Net designers), if MsDev is then paged out (start up another big application) and I then decide that I wish to exit MsDev it can take a VERY long time to exit, as it seems to touch most of it’s pages as part of shutting down.   (At his point the only way to get back to work is to pull the power cord out of my PC)

    Given the OS will clean up all memory the process is using when it exits, there is no point in doing match at all as part of the exit.

    (Likewise close all windows, seems to page them all in before closing them)

    Ian Ringrose

    (email adddress on web site)

  22. Thomas says:

    Wow, that’s huge. Congratulations 🙂

  23. Pop Catalin says:

    Great news! Fast Visual Studios coming 🙂

  24. Prasad GL says:

    Congrats Rico!

    We are all glad to know that you would be at the Anchor.  Wish you all the best and we look forward to see the goodness of your perf, flow into the product!

  25. Congratulations Rico!  You’re the man for the job.  -Mike

  26. Keith Hill says:

    Congrats!  WRT please don’t forget about the ease of extensibility.  Having done a VSIP package, the extensibility story for VS could be much better (don’t get me started on CTC files).  The API is also a bit of a mess with DTE OM vs the VSIP API (service provider based).  I think this is one area that is allowing Eclipse to gain momentum.

  27. Hi,

    Quote: "Wish me luck. It’s a huge job.  Easily the biggest of my career."

    Congratulations, don’t think this is the top of your carreer , Bill made it to Chief Architect 🙂

    Eric Goedhart

  28. Mitch Wheat says:

    Nice one Rico!

    Looking forward to a faster, sleaker VS2008 !

  29. Steven says:

    Congratulations! Good luck!

  30. Shaobin Tao says:


    Congratulations Rico

    I wish you could fix the bugs relating to VS 2005 intelisense.  it is one of the best features of VS and I love it.  But it keeps on bring my computer down when the solutions are big.

  31. Scott Dorman says:

    New Chief Architect for Visual Studio

  32. Rüdiger Klaehn says:


    Visual studio desperately needs some performance improvements. It is sometimes almost as slow as eclipse.

    But who is responsible for the CLR JIT performance now? The CLR JIT has some really huge performance issues!



  33. Congratulations — well deserved!

  34. Rico Mariani wrote: I was asked to take on a new, broader, job. That job is Chief Architect of Visual

  35. Andrei Rinea says:

    We wish you all the best in your career and PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING (whenever you can).

    Don’t forget us, your trustful readers 🙂

  36. Rajesh says:

    Congratulations.I wish you all the best.

  37. saad r says:

    just remember, we expect performance from everything you work on 😉

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