I refuse to have no posting in a month

So instead I'm putting up this lame posting. 

Even though I don't have anything exciting for you I actually have a couple of fun things on the burner to come soon and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Meanwhile, I want you to know my committment to blogging is as strong as ever and I hope you'll forgive me for the delays.  If it's any consolation I'm hard at work making Orcas better.

OK lame excuse, sorry.

No excuses postings coming again soon.

Comments (3)

  1. Marcos Meli says:

    "If it’s any consolation I’m hard at work making Orcas better.

    OK lame excuse, sorry."

    We love to hear that !!!

    And is a great new for a post =) anyway we imagine that you are involded in the last touchs

    Keep in the excellent work

    I follow a lot of your presentatios and I love your comments in the FDG book

    I learn a lot from you (at the high level, I left the bit level all for you :P)


  2. Pop Catalin says:

    Great news! Orcas definately seems to push the performance limis of the framework.

    I hope we will see some more best practices after this.

  3. Mr_Sleep says:

    Naaaah, dont worry about next month.  Go back to sleep.

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