Wow, we did it!

Visual Studio 2005 and and .NET Framework 2.0 are out the door!  I'm unbelievably happy!  In fact I'd written something sooner but I was sorta out celebrating 🙂

Soma says it all right here -- short and sweet.

I hope you all love it!

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  1. Giuliano Sauro says:

    Awesome work indeed, hey, we want to see you and the rest of the team cheering on Channel9!

    Kudos from Italy

  2. rickbrew says:


  3. Now that you have released it, take some time to celebrate.

    And then *please* take care of the atrocious struct inlining situation. You know what I mean. It is extremely important that this is fixed in 2.1.

  4. Kaveh Shahbazian says:

    I am happy too, but with caution. I am a C# developer since the first beta around 2000.

    And there were many bugs that I had to cover them with complementary solutions.

    You know I hope that I am celeberating for a bug-free product to use.

  5. Pawan Singh says:

    Great work.

    But there is no access to released version of CLRProfiler. CLRProfiler Beta 2 gives an exception with applications built using the released version.

  6. abi says:

    Great work, cool product 🙂 Whats next? More stuff on c# 3.0? ^^

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