Wow, we did it!

Visual Studio 2005 and and .NET Framework 2.0 are out the door!  I’m unbelievably happy!  In fact I’d written something sooner but I was sorta out celebrating 🙂 Soma says it all right here — short and sweet. I hope you all love it!


The Performance War — Win it 5% at a time

If it feels like getting good performance out of your application/library/service/whatever is more like “trench warfare” than it is like “shock and awe” then you’re probably doing something right. The trouble with performance work is that the easy work gets all the press.  Well, sort of.  Let me explain.  Suppose you’re an elite performance engineer. Sometimes a big…


Profiling API

I’ve been working with Dave Broman for many years now on assorted projects and he’s just started blogging, opening with a strong article on stackwalking issues when using the Profiling API. If you’re interested in using the profiling API to help you diagnose some of your own performance problems, or just understanding what managed profilers do (and…


Performance Lifecycle

I get many opportunities to review documents and processes in the course of my job, and sometimes they’re not even about performance. 🙂 About 2 years ago I started seeing a goodly number of security related documents; and now increasingly I see things about the Security Development Lifecycle. The thing that struck me then, as…