CLR Performance Tips Chat Transcript

Earlier this year we released a series of training videos, one of which was my own on CLR Performance Tips. We did a followup Q&A session in the form of an online chat — I’ve been waiting for it to be added to the video page (previous link) like the others but looks like it never was added.  However I just discovered that the chat transcript was posted back in June, here is the link to the transcript:

Chat Transcript: Designing .NET Class Libraries: CLR Performance Tips (March 09, 2005)

As I recall it was pretty well attended, if there is interest in doing another one like this I can set them up with comparative ease — but it’ll have to wait until after PDC.


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  1. It’s funny how almost everybody from MS whom I read or see on Channel9 is a PM or Architect or something like that. Do you guys have developers there at all? 🙂

  2. Travis Owens says:


    Of course not, everybody at MS just plays around with ideas and outsource all the code monkey work to India!

    Haven’t you been watching the dev industry the past 5yrs?