Top Ten reasons you should subscribe to my blog

10. Plenty of fresh disclaimers in each post, all cut/paste friendly
9. No danger of a clear position on any issue, can use blog to justify any action you need to take.
8. Quiz results great way to impress unsuspecting managers.
7. Performance Tidbits are low in carbohydrates.
6. No other blogger likes to refer to Kryptonite in his writing.
5. Best place to find other members of the "My mom doesn't care about space" club.
4. Irrefutable proof that Poisson Processes really do matter to programmers.
3. Good excuse if caught googling for "mid life crisis."
2. Debug commands like !DumpHeap -stat sound like cool hospital talk, useful at parties.
1. Approximately correct, AS IS, with no warranties is as good as it gets anyway

Happy Holidays to you all 🙂

Comments (6)

  1. Thinking about the term !DumpHeap -stat as hospital talk put some really gross images in my head. I don’t think mentioning it at parties will gain you favors with anybody.

  2. Rico Mariani says:

    Please, I am *not* serious 🙂

  3. Kent says:

    Ha, ha – nice. Great when people can take the piss out of themselves.

    Merry Christmas all. Wish me luck – I’ll be a father on the other side! Poor kid . . .

  4. Good enough reasons for me…

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