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I got some more personal email via my blog here today and I think it's sort of reaching the point where I should write a little something about my policy on one to one communication.

I do apologize but there's just no way that I could possibly hope to personally answer every email that I get.  I do get some very thoughtful ones and I appreciate it whenever a customer takes the time to write me but if I made it a habit of responding to them all I'd not get anything else done which I think would ultimately not be in anyone's best interest.

So the best I can offer you is this: If you write me a polite note I will read it, if I get serveral notes asking the same question or expressing interest in seeing the same information then I'll try to write about that topic.   But as a rule I won't reply to email.

I guess one other piece of advice I have is that the same questions tend to come up often so if you haven't already, browse my archived blogs, as sometimes the emails that I recieve are asking questions that I've given a pretty good answer to in the past.

Thank you for your understanding and for your emails.

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  1. Cronan says:

    Is there a way to search your blog?

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