It’s a feedback time of year

Performance review time at Microsoft is a good time for self-reflection and to make a point of getting feedback on how things have gone for the past year.  I find the feedback can be both surprising and educational so from time to time I try to coax comments out of those that might otherwise be shy of offering them.

So, in that spirit, if any of my readers would care to offer advice or criticism on the topics I've chosen or neglected since I started this little blog I would be most happy to receive it.

Thanks for reading.

Comments (5)

  1. Juan Felipe Machado says:

    You are by far the most prolific blogger in the performance area in .NET. So PLEASE continue with the good posts and do it a little more often (if you could).

    I specially like the quices and the management blogs you post (how to work with performance in a team ..etc).

    I woul like you to blog more about PRACTICAL cases you encounter during your reviews at MS, and it would be great if you pinpoint the things you like the most (or you think are the most important) in the performance patterns and practices document.

    You dont blog about your personal life, and that is GREAT!! (this is a technical blog), so I don’t have anything to criticise but the frecuency of your blogs.

  2. Andy says:

    I really enjoyed the ‘Here’s 3 scenarios which one do you think is most efficient’. They are short enough that I can think about them in 10-15 minutes and are great for learning whats good and whats not. Also great for driving hom the ‘measure 1st message’

  3. Michael says:

    I’ve quite enjoyed the performance quizzes…

  4. Akshay says:

    Hi Rico,

    Your blogs are helpful but information is Shallow. The Why’s are mssing sometimes.

    Overall , You are one of the best.

    And this is the case for about 50-60% of performance documents MS produces.

    No For e.g I was reading Perforance and Scalability Guide and reading Session State Management section.

    It says use SQL Server when using Web farm .

    Now where are the metrics and the Why’s are msiisng. The question that comes to mind is :-

    1. When using SQL Server or State Server , will the cost of Network Latency + Serialization + Creation of Session Objects from Serialized data + bottleneck being 1 SQL Database (when App data resides on Same server) not be a lot higher then using IN -Memory sessions and using Stick IP Cookies.

    There is no such explanation. Without this kind of detailed information, you get the feeling that you are reading same fluff you read in 10 other books. Only exception is C Brumme. HE is the MAster and the best.

    So my request is please provide Quality indepth info to us lesser Mortals, but overall Great Job.



  5. Joshua L says:

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your performance quizzes, Rico! Keep up the good work!

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