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Final Posting

My last day at Microsoft will be tomorrow, 3/24/2017. I really did want to get to some of the old comments that had been neglected but alas, there’s no time. I’m not sure I will actually lose access to this blog because of the way authorization happens but I think it would be a bad…


Discovered comments

I just discovered that there are all kinds of comments pending approval, some from several months ago. Not something I was used to on the old platform. So apologies for not responding to those comments sooner, I got too used to the old system. Traditionally I’ve not censored any comments and I’ll try to do…


symbol filter redux

A while ago I provided this local symbol server proxy you could use to get just the symbols you want.  I was watching it work a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that most of the time what it ends up doing is proxying a 302 redirect.  Which was kind of cool because that…


A little 64 bit follow-up

I recently wrote a pair of at least slightly controversial articles about 64-bit vs. 32-bit applications and the performance costs associated with going to 64 bit. They are here and here. Some people thought I was nuts. Some people provided benchmarks “proving” that 64 bit code is in fact faster than 32 bit code. I…


64-bit Visual Studio — the "pro 64" argument

  [I don’t have to go out on a limb to acknowledge that is the worst article I’ve ever written.  I wrote it in the wee hours one morning in a rotten mood and it shows.  There are far too many absolutes that should have been qualified and the writing style is too aggressive for…


Revisiting 64-bit-ness in Visual Studio and elsewhere

[Due to popular interest I also wrote a piece that is “pro” 64 bits here] The topic of 64-bit Visual Studio came up again in a tweet and, as usual, I held my ground on why it is the way it is.  Pretty predictable.  But it’s not really possible to answer questions about your position…


Pit of Success for Organizations

Many years ago I coined the phrase “Pit of Success” for software. People had used that turn of phrase before to mean landing in a situation where their own success was awful, but that’s not how I meant it.  What I meant was that that state-of-the art software frameworks were too hard to use, too…


Supporting Women in Computer Science (Part 2)

Last night I wrote about my new scholarship (previous post) Today I have something to ask. I know my subscribers include tons of competent software engineers. I have a request/challenge for you. Especially the men. Will any of you stand with me? All you have to do is this: 1) Do something for a school,…


Rico Mariani Women in Computer Science Scholarship

Just a few minutes ago I signed my part of the papers to create the Rico Mariani Women in Computer Science scholarship at my alma, the University of Waterloo. I don’t usually put my name on things, especially charitable giving, but in this case it was important to me to not only give the money…