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Need training for your team or would like it for free???

I have been getting several requests for “free” training over the past months, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the “free” and supplement training resources available, especially those that have a “Volume Licensing Agreement”. 

There are several benefits that come with having a “Volume Licensing Agreement” and the one benefit that is often overlooked for training are the “Software Assurance Benefits”.  The SA benefits will give you access to training vouchers and access to our E-Learning online environment.   Many Enterprise customers never use all their vouchers and many employees do not know how to leverage the vouchers or the E-Learning environment and resources.  I would encourage everyone to learn more about the SA benefits that can provide you and your teams with access to supplemental training at no cost. 

Many Enterprise customers have Portals setup to help educate their employees on how the company manages these benefits and how they can be leveraged.   If this is news to you then it would make sense for you to find out more about how these benefits are being managed by your company and how you and your team can leverage them. 

If you would like to just read more about these benefits, you can go here.   In addition to the above SA benefits, here’s a list of several free training resources and many of the links below provide access to lots of other free training materials. 


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Windows Server AppFabric Training Kit

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