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Accidentally deleted all my production data in Azure Table Storage!!! What now?

So you moved to the Cloud and you fully understand Azure Storage and all the greatness that comes with the various replication options i.e. Locally redundant storage (LRS), Zone-redundant storage (ZRS), Geo-redundant storage (GRS).   All these replication features are designed for transient hardware failures, network or power outages, massive natural disasters, and so on.   But,… Read more

Offshore/outsourcing woes? Are you concerned with code quality?

Many businesses place all the burdens of code quality, efficient ALM practices and other very important tasks in the hands of the outsourcer/vendor.   This is clearly a trend that we are seeing across many customers and should be approached with caution as it exposes risk that might not be apparent.    Companies that are proactively… Read more

How Frameworks Can Kill Your Projects, and Patterns Can Prevent You from Getting Killed…

Today it is common place for many projects to leverage frameworks to help expedite development and reduce maintenance.    The trend is for most projects utilize more than one framework and in many cases more than 5!  Statistically, all frameworks have at least 5 bugs and lots of frameworks get discontinued, these are all things that… Read more

Need training for your team or would like it for free???

I have been getting several requests for “free” training over the past months, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the “free” and supplement training resources available, especially those that have a “Volume Licensing Agreement”.  There are several benefits that come with having a “Volume Licensing Agreement” and the one benefit that… Read more

Lessons Learned – MS IT SharePoint 2010 upgrade project and FAST search deployment

For those of you in the process or planning to upgrade to SharePoint 2010, here are some important lessons learned from our Microsoft IT team.   Documents just published by the MS IT department: Initial Best Practices & Lessons Learned from Microsoft ITs SharePoint 2010 Upgrade With its SharePoint 2010 deployment nearly complete, Microsoft IT… Read more

Free Training Resources available via Software Assurance…

I have been getting several requests for “free” training over the past months. One of the many benefits that I see being overlooked for training, are the benefits that are available via “Software Assurance” that come with “Volume Licensing”.  I want to point this out because I see many Enterprise customers under utlizing this benefit…. Read more

Top Customer Misconceptions about Software Problems

I have a close friend and co-worker that wrote a nice blog post on this topic.   I would highly encourage that you take look at the post.   I would like to make a few comments on item number 2 and 6 (Code or Architecture Review to correct performance issues) as these are areas that I… Read more

Make sure not to miss the upcoming free Windows Azure Webinars…

I would like to share some useful and informative Webinars that cover the benefits, implications of – and best practices for adopting Windows Azure. The main objective of these Webinars is to help Business and Technical decision makers gain the necessary insights about Azure platform & Cloud strategy as the industry gains momentum in this… Read more

Didn’t get a chance to attend the ALM Summit, here are the online sessions…

For those of you that are practicing ALM and did not get a chance to attend the ALM Summit, here is a quick summary for the event and links to the online streamed sessions.    Event Summary This year was our first ALM Summit. The outbound marketing team worked with the engineering and product management… Read more