Problems installing Adobe Photoshop CS3 on Vista x64?

So I went to install Photoshop CS3 on my Vista x64 box at home, and got this nice error:

Internal Error 2739

Gee, thanks for the info.

Anyway I searched online for ways to fix this, and they involved running regsvr32.exe on jscript.dll and vbscript.dll. Unfortunately, it didn't work! However, I found someone online who had fixed it:

David had the critical insight, one that I'm slapping myself on the forehead for not realizing myself: you need to register the 32-bit versions of vbscript and jscript, not the 64-bit versions. The Photoshop installer is a 32-bit program, and thus needs access to all 32-bit DLL's and COM registrations. The instructions that are around the web will register whatever is in your SYSTEM32 directory, which oddly enough on 64-bit Windows is where all the 64-bit DLL's are. (And another oddity on top of that is that the 32-bit DLL's are in SysWOW64. Go figure.)

The solution?

1) Run cmd.exe with Administrator privilege (Start -> type "cmd", then right-click on the cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator, then click Continue on the elevation consent dialog). This will open a command prompt in C:\Windows\System32 (or wherever your system directory is)

2) cd ..\SysWOW64

3) regsvr32 jscript.dll

4) regsvr32 vbscript.dll

Voila. Hope this helps anybody else who runs in to this.

Comments (5)

  1. toe_head2001 says:

    What the heck are you thinking, installing P.S.!?!? It’s OVER KILL and the UI is so ugly. I hope you just installing to steal features to use in

  2. JD on EP says:

    32-bit PS CS3? Bumping this up, in case it isn’t already in the records or needs clarification or such… the story is that Adobe Photoshop CS3 installer is a 32-bit app which needs some type of ECMAScript support at system level, and a straight 64-bit

  3. rickbrew says:

    toe_head2001, I was really interested in their Smart Filters, plus it will be useful for general "competetive analysis." (Not that Paint.NET is really trying to compete against PS from a business standpoint.)

    One thing I’ve noticed in their UI is that most of their controls are not anti-aliased, and so the whole program has a rather "jaggy" feel to it 🙁

  4. marcel says:

    tried a lot of things and could not get CS3 installed…. followed your advice and: WORKS LIKE CHARM!

    Thanks a lot!

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